Underberg 60 pack

Underberg 60 pack

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Fight fire with fire with this traditional European remedy for `over-indulgence`. These herbal bitters have been used as a digestive aid to follow a big night of eating and drinking for over 150 years.

Two things contribute to Underberg`s distinctive character: it`s unique beneficial digestive effect and the unmistakable portion-sized bottle, wrapped in straw-paper. Convenient, practical and always exactly the right quantity for well-being. Underberg has indeed become worldwide the symbol for good health and satisfaction.

Underberg -- it cannot be explained; it must be experienced.


Water, alcohol (44% by volume), natural flavors from herbs and roots of the genus gentiana.


Origin: Germany
German: Underberg Individuelle Flasche
Romanian: Sticla individuală Underberg
Latin: Individual Utrem Underberg

Free Of: Animal By Products
Each bottle contains 0.67 FL OZ


Underberg recommends drinking one of their 20ml bottles at 59° – 65° F for its full taste to unfold, and its effect will be most beneficial.

Warnings & Disclaimer


Avoid contact with eyes. If irritation develops, reduce frequency or discontinue use.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Underberg is s primarily a spirit of effects. Underberg is effective after each meal:

It promotes digestion: gastric juices are stimulated in a pleasant way, and it supports the breakdown of nutrition in the stomach and small intestinesIt is beneficial and comforting……especially following a meal

Underberg contains:

1.3 percentage by weight herbal extracts, such as:aromatic herbal extracts, supporting the digestive processnatural vitamin B1natural antioxidantsnatural proteinsnatural sugar (e.g. fructose) but no added sugar or sugar colorants44% vol. high-quality alcohol to keep the herbal extract in solutionfresh drinking water kept constantly under laboratory control.

Underberg was first launched in 1846, and until 1949 it was marketed in various bottle sizes. Following the end of World War II, Underberg was sold only in the portion bottles designed at the time. Since then, Underberg has been available in the 20ml portion bottles exclusively.

There was a good reason for choosing the Underberg bottle of that size. Amongst other things it is forgery-proof, it replaces a drinking vessel when travelling, and due to various packaging sizes it can easily be taken along anywhere: a 2-bottle package for the handbag, a 4-bottle package for travelling, and the 12-bottle package for storage. These advantages cannot be provided by a 0.7 litre bottle.

Underberg is something special, and it can be enjoyed at any temperature. There is no “best” temperature, it caters to most tastes and can be consumed at any temperature between 7° and 20° C. Underberg’s wide range of aromas and flavours is based on selected herbs used for its production allowing for individual temperatures across the whole range.

Our recommendation: enjoy Underberg at 15° – 18° C for its full taste to unfold, and its effect will be most beneficial.

Underberg contains natural sugars only, which are a substance of the high-quality herbs used for production. The total sugar content is at approximately 0.1 gram per Underberg portion bottle. The contents of one bottle represents the caloric value of 53 kcal (222 kj).

Underberg – the tasty herbal digestive – is a very special kind of alcoholic beverage. It helps in many kinds of unexpected situations, and it is thus available in many different packaging sizes. Underberg is not a liqueur, and it is produced without adding any sugar. The traces of sugar that it does contain – never more than 0.1 g – are due to the herbal extracts. This is inevitable and also negligible.

We consider it our biggest obligation to provide the consumer with a product of highest beneficial use and maximum quality. This presupposes the unlimited originality of our product. Underberg’s portion bottle and the cellophane wrapping of the packaging contribute toward quality assurance. It serves as a guaranty that the product’s packaging remains unharmed and has not been tampered with – a safety aspect that benefits all consumers. Underberg has put into place all possible means to prevent product manipulation.
The packaging system employed by Underberg has for many years taken this danger into consideration. You too will appreciate this kind of safety, and you can be sure to get the promised quality each time you enjoy Underberg.

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