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When to Use Your Underberg Digestive Super Power

Digestive Bitters: A Natural Remedy for Healthy Digestion

Digestive bitters are, in essence, concentrated blends of bitter tasting herbs and plants extracted in alcohol. They support our digestive functions by stimulating the bitter receptors on our tongue, stomach, gallbladder and pancreas. These receptors induce the synthesis of digestive enzymes, balance the stomach acid levels and promote healthy digestion.

Digestive bitters have been an apothecary staple since the 1700s, commonly used to aid digestion for decades in various cultures. From ancient Egypt to early Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, bitters were used as a digestive aid.

Bitter to Tongue, Sweet to Stomach

Bitters can support your body to digest any food by prompting your body to secrete its own digestive fluids like stomach acid and activate enzymes, rather than taking over the job. In contrast to common belief, stomach acid is not a bad thing. Actually, you need enough stomach acid in order to be able to digest well, absorb nutrients and prevent digestion related problems.

Approximately 90% of Americans have low stomach acid due to many factors such as stress, overconsumption of processed food and alcohol. The good news is that, by addressing dietary and lifestyle issues, it is relatively simple to increase stomach acid levels naturally with digestive bitters. Digestive bitters like Underberg can be part of a holistic approach to stimulate digestion and improve your overall health. Underberg’s all natural recipe contains only water, alcohol and herbal extracts, with no additives.

When to Use Your Underberg Digestive Super Power

In general the goal of using bitters is to ease digestive issues. Therefore, it’s recommended to use Underberg right before or after the meal. Especially when you are about to savor a deliciously big feast like Thanksgiving dinner, or before indulging in the first barbeque party of the season, Underberg will save the day (or night!). A 20ml bottle of Underberg will rapidly help ease the heavy and uncomfortable feeling of a too full stomach.

If you are throwing a big dinner party or casually having guests over to share a delicious meal together, serving Underberg to your guests before or after the meal will make you into a great host. You can simply serve Underberg to your guests in its signature straw color wrapped mini bottles or pour it into a tall glass to serve as a crowning finale to a great dinner.

Even when you are traveling, on vacation in a hotel overindulging yourself in the open buffet, or on a gastro-trip exploring new tastes, keeping a few portion sized bottles of Underberg can come handy to stay alert and let the good times roll. A single portion bottle or the exclusive twin tin Underberg will be a perfect travel companion for you, wherever you go.